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Photographs of club activities are described below. To enlarge a photograph, click on it.

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July 2024 - Once again, we participated in the Central Point 4th of July Parade and won First Place award!  Thanks to Nell Mathern for the photos.

July 4 2024 Parade 3.jpg
July 4 2024 Parade 1.jpeg
July 4 2024 Parade 4.jpeg
July 4 2024 Parade 2.jpeg
July 4 2024 Parade 5.jpeg

May 2021 - Visited an aviation buff in Medford who showed us a Model A/B engine in his airplane!

Thanks to Kitsy Wikkerink and Mike Stitt for the photos!

Mike Stitt 3.jpg
Mike Stitt 5.jpg
Mike Stitt 2.jpg
Mike Stitt 1.jpg
Mike Stitt 4.jpg

June 2020 - After several months of no activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Rogue Valley A's met in June for our first meeting in several months and then drove from Jacksonville to Applegate Lake and the McKey bridge, one of several remaining covered bridges in Oregon.  As you can see, we had great participation and everyone was happy to get their Model A's back on the road.

McKeyBrideg2020 8.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 3.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 1.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 2.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 5.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 4.jpg
McKeyBrideg2020 7.jpg
McKeyJD 3.jpg
McKeyJD 4.jpg
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