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The Rogue Valley A's chapter publishes a monthly newsletter and sends by email to all members and other chapters requesting it.  There is no charge for the newsletter.

If you don't receive your newsletter, you can always find copies on this page.


2020                          2021                         2022                      

January    July                  January     July                 January    July

February  August             February   August            February  August

March       September       March       September      March       September

April         October            April         October           April         October

May ​          November        May          November       May          November

June           December        June          December       June          December


January          July                 

February        August              

March             September  

April               October             

May ​               November  x       

June                December        

If you would like a back issue of the newsletter
or if you have a contribution for an upcoming issue,
please contact our editor at

Last Updated 11/8/23 


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